Friday, May 05, 2006

Things That Make Me Cry.....

If there is one thing I have always hated seeing, It's kids with glasses.
I HATE IT. I automatically feel bad when I see this. Jimmy can attest to this because he had glasses at a young age, and when they were accidentally knocked off of his face playing basketball, I came un-glued. It didn't matter who you were..."You just knocked his glasses off"... Then it was ON.
I had glasses when I was in 5th and 6th grade. They were bi-focals. Yup, a *buttload* of fun. But they actually worked. After that, I didn't have to wear them anymore.
I was hoping that the history of my family, as far as eyes go, would go away as it did with me. I have perfect vision, and I am the only member of my immediate family with no glasses, contacts, etc.
But now, the pain of seeing this begins. The beautiful boy in this pic is my 6 year old son, Ethan. He has been having a lot of headaches recently, so we took him to the optometrist. He has his glasses and now the headaches are gone. He's far-sighted, so you know. He looks so good in them, yet I feel so bad for him. It almost makes me cry. Just because I have hated so much, to see children with bad eyes.
I'll get over it. And in my mind, and hopefully, he will too, just like I did.
I just hate the "in-between" parts.


Jimmy said...

I know exactly how you feel. Just try to remember that heartbreaking as it is for you, these wire and plastic things we wear on our faces are a true wonder of technology. It eases the headaches, allows us to read and learn and see our children smile. There's plenty of good to balance the bad.

I had almost forgotten about your bi-focal phase. How your eyesight restored itself is a mystery I'd sure as hell like to solve.

hedgehogman said...

I wear glasses, and Im a karateka. well glasses wont let you down. Just be confidence, I get a trophy in senior high school. I stop being karateka not because of glasses, but because i must spent much time on sunday school.

But right now still i like to exercise with punching bags and doing some street soccer.

My minus is 7.5 and right eye only works 30 percent.

BrettBum said...

Not such a big deal, I wore glasses since 4th grade until I turned 29, when I had corrective surgery.

Glasses as a kid are a pain, but they help you see so there just isn't a comparison. People that can not see would gladly use a little technology to get their site back, and if they get knocked off or broken when your playing or something, no big deal other than the expense, time and trouble. There are bigger problems that we face as adolescents.


Thanks, Brett