Sunday, July 31, 2005

Here's A Slightly Disturbing Site.

Chocolate Covered Cherry Brains? Awesome!

As If Her BIG Mouth Wasn't Enough To Keep The Kids Awake.....

Jesus.......When Is SHE Ever Quiet?

Friday, July 29, 2005

Prepare To Be Pissed. At The Moms.....

This story pisses me off in so many ways. Read it for yourself. I ALWAYS know where my kids are.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Here's A Place To Find Good Stuff.....

So, Where does a guy or gal go to find good tunes? HERE.

Check These Guys Out.... They Rock..

This is good stuff. Period.

Utah woman can keep ‘GAYSROK’ license plate....

She must be a QUEEN fan...."Not that there's anything wrong with that".
Many colors in the homo rainbow. Don't be afraid to let you colors shi-shi-shi-shi-shine!

Thank God!!!!!

I'm guessing someone's gettin' a big chunk-o-change..........

Like Sandcastles? Check these out!

These are really good....


If you like cool flash games and animation, this is a great site. Check it out!

Weird Al And Eminem...

Funny Interview. Know what I'm sayin'?

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

It's All About The Music You Love And What Speaks To You..

Let It Rock, Let It Roll....
And.. Never Say Goobye.....

Evanescence? You Betcha.

Hi-Hi -Amy-Ama-"Yummy"!

And since we're on the subject.............

How's about a little "best singer in the world"? Your wish is my command....

So, Who Likes Crossfade? I Do!

Just play the full length. It rocks. And the others too!


Have our kids ever called Twizzlers- "dickerish"?


Decide for yourself. It makes my PC quit, if not slow down a lot. Given, mine isn't all that fast to begin with. But, alas, I have gotten many things with no trouble. I'm good with it. Oh, did I mention you can get it for free? Free is good. I would rather wait 2 minutes for one song than spend $15 on a CD for one song, right?


Wanna Janet Jackson Tit to eat? Here's How.....

Great for any party!
(that pic kinda shows they hang a little low these days, huh?)

Which Reminds Me.. Remember LOVERBOY? "Everybody's Workin' For The Weekend"....

They're old now...But they still ROCK!!!!

Remember the band Europe? They Still Got It Goin' On!!!


This is one of my all-time favorite bands.

Go To Google And Type "Trash" Under Images.......This Is The First Pic You See....

WHAT?!?! Those guys at Google ARE gay. I knew it!!
I take the chance, once in a while. You know what I mean, Jimmy...

Apparently, Forrest Gump Has A Fan Club........

Of naked homeless drifters!
Welcome to Michigan.

Clement Plastered In The Head By A Line Drive


You Sweat, You Die....

Read This.
(hope you're not fat)!

It's Talk Like A Mad Scientist Day. YAY!!

Monday, July 25, 2005

Like Comics? Well, Here You Go!

Welcome to Comic Con, My Master.
(R2 and Vader are Lego sculptures! Cool..)

Smokin' In Your car. Illegal? Could Be If You Live In N.J.

As if the factories don't cause enough damage..........

And The Holiness Bible Movement Loses To.... Tits

If a gal wants bigger boobs, Mildred aint' gonna' stop it!
(click the pic)

Cool Pics

I just used these guys' photo for the last post. Check 'em out. Really good stuff!!!

Achmed, I Feel This Burning Sensation....

Can you say- "Laser Tag"?

(photo courtesy of

In Regards to..............."In Case You Give A Shit".

I don't know if that whole cat-sugar thing is true. I was watching Family Plots the other night, did anyone else see this? Chuck's cat has part of a Slim-Fast shake everyday. Apparently he has had it (the cat) for around 10 or 15 years, I don't remember for sure, but it was a long time. If I'm not mistaken, Slim-Fast still has sugar. Hmmm.....Oh, that's right, 50% LESS sugar. 50% less than what? The original? The "Classic Slim-Fast"?

In case you want to check it out for yourself......

Now you know why cats are freaks. (Or maybe the owners). Either way! Yay, Cats!!


Remember, kids, if you're lookin' for more of the story, be sure to click on the pics, ok? There are alot of things that I think are funny or amusing, that you may not. That's ok. Be sure to tell me what you think, and also anything you would like to talk about or see here. That's why I do this. To amuse you also!! Leave a comment, I read them! Bye, now.


OMG!!! I Just Figured Out What A Cracker Is!!!!

Holy Crap!!! It wasn't me after all!!!
(wake up, morons)
By definition a cracker is:
4 : a dry thin crispy baked bread product that may be leavened or unleavened
5 a usually disparaging : a poor usually Southern white b capitalized : a native or resident of Florida or Georgia -- used as a nickname
My mistake!!!

That's Right You Lazy Bastards...

You're good with fish, work at Long John Silvers! There must be hundreds of them around where you live. Rock On, Hush Puppies!!!

In Case You Gave A Shit...

NO SUGAR!?!....IT'S GO TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guess What? Everything Is Here.....

That's just bad.

Holy crap.

Big Brother's got his hand so far up your a......

"Hey! My car won't start"!
(Pay your bills, Jackass)

A little somethin' to brighten your day. YAY!

Game Time!

Here's a site with free games. Some classics on here.....


If you like point and click games, this is the site for you. One of my favorites!!

Don't forget to dunk your friends!!


Hey! Check out the bikini contest!


Well, here we are. This is gonna be about a lot of stuff. Some good, some bad, some funny, some sad. You may like it, you may not. Either way, enjoy.